Where the 1% can publish their thoughts anonymously

How it works.

Anyone of wealth can publish their thoughts anonymously here, limited to 980 characters (7 × 140 characters). To prove that they truly are among the 1%, they pay $980. There are no identity verifications.

This way, they can tell the whole world, including one another, what they truly think and feel, under the cloak of anonymity. Their published message will be visible to the whole world to see, under a randomly generated pseudonym for extra anonymity.

Note: for a short duration, access to view these messages will be restricted to paying members only. Public access is scheduled for July 17th at 10am EST.

Exclusively affluent.

Only those who can afford to spare $980 for the sake of their message will be able to publish their thoughts anonymously. There's no need to prove your identity. Just by being able afford to post here, you prove that you are among the 1%.

Truly anonymous.

There are no identity verifications. Once you pay, you can post. It's that simple. A random pseudonym will be generated for you as an extra form of anonymity. The payment processors used (Apple Pay and Stripe) do not have access to the content you post. They can only see that you did post.

Unique guarantee among social media networks.

No other network gives both the guarantee of both being affluent and of being anonymous without any identity verifications.

Using this platform you have complete anonymity with no identity verifications, and everyone has a guarantee that the words you write are truly coming from an affluent member of society with a unique perspective and exceptional life experiences.

Do you have wisdom to share?

Surely being among the 1% has given you insight into life from a unique perspective. Let the world know your thoughts anonymously. Speak your mind freely and openly.

Do you have a strong but unorthodox opinion on political or business matters? Do you feel strongly about a certain issue and feel that speaking anonymously about it might give your message more credibility?

Posting is simple: pay and post, there's no registration or verification. There are only two rules:

  1. No threats; they will be reported immediately to the proper authorities.
  2. No advertisements; this is a place to speak your mind, not to sell your business.

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